6/3-8/1 STW (600V) Temporary Power Extension Cords with CGM™

Our Heavy Duty 6/3-8/1 Temporary Power Exension Cords are manufactured with molded ends. In addition, these molded ends are lighted with both the power check amber neon on the male plug and the ground monitoring green neon on the female end. These cords are used with "Spider Boxes" or "Sleds" to provide power from a temporary power pole. These Spider Boxes or Power Sleds have multiple outlets of 20A, 30A and 50A that provide power for jobite power tools and equipment.



• 6/3-8/1 STW (600V) Heavy Duty Outdoor Water Resistant Cable

• Each of the 3 conductors contain 119 strands of 27 gauge 100% soft drawn bunch  

   stranded copper construction for maximum flexibility under load

• Tough STW (600V) Heavy Duty abrasion resistant jacket guarantees extra hard

   service use

• Coldweather -40°F vinyl jacketing ensures full flexibility in temperatures well

   below freezing

• We mold on 50A-125/250V CS6365 Plug and CS6364 Connector that will not pull

   away from the cord body

• Neon Lighted Power Check Plug monitors incoming power

• Patented CGM™ connector features a green ground check light that lets you know

   the cord's electrical current is safely grounded

• All molded plugs and connectors are UL listed and meet OSHA requirements for

   grounded extension cords

• Available lengths: 40ft., 50ft., 75ft. or 100ft.

Product Number Length (ft) AWG Size Amps Color Qty/Ctn Lbs/Ctn UPC Code
D12363040 40 6/3-8/1 50 Black 1 27 661899135015
D12363050 50 6/3-8/1 50 Black 1 34 661899135022
D12363075 75 6/3-8/1 50 Black 1 51 661899135039
D12363100 100 6/3-8/1 50 Black 1 68 661899135046