Answering An Industry Need

Our goal and purpose was to build the finest extension cords on the market. The result was the creation and introduction of our Pro Glo® family of extension cords.

We asked industry what was most important to them in terms of features and value. Their response was unanimous. Product life, Flexibility, Plug and Connector Durability, Safety, and Color Selection. Our Pro Glo® extension cords were built to meet all of these requirements.

Product Life: Pro Glo® cords were built for heavy indoor and outdoor use. The cord jackets are both Sunlight, (UV) Ultra Violet Resistant and Flame Retardant. The cords will stand up to heat and sunlight longer than most cords on the market.

Flexibility: Our Pro Glo® cords will remain flexible and easier to use in temperatures well below freezing. That’s because we use more plasticizers and less jacket fillers than most other cords.

Plug and Connector Durability: Take a look! Our plugs and connectors are literally the biggest on the market. They have the largest strain reliefs which prevent the ends from pulling away from the cord body. Their large body helps protect the lighted neon lamps embedded inside.

Safety: A Water Resistant jacket helps protect our cords when exposed to moisture and rain. Our “CGM” lighted plug and connector is an exclusive feature found only on our Pro Glo® extension cords.

Color Selection: We have eight distinctive Pro Glo® colors to choose from. They provide safety under foot and help prevent theft when used at the jobsite. Pro Glo® colors and cords are 40% brighter than all others.