What is a "CGM" Protected Cord?

  • This cord is safety compliant with the latest features that high profile and hazardous job sites require.
  • Both ends have our patented two way non-slip finger grips. US Patent # D591,680 S.
  • The male plug has an amber neon check light so you'll know there's power in the outlet and cord.
  • Our female connector has a green neon check light that lets you know the cord has a continuous ground.
  • A special -40° cold weather vinyl compound is used for both the insulation and jacket to ensure flexibility in temperatures well below freezing.
  • As an additional feature, our Pro Glo® cord jackets carry a “Water Resistant” rating for added protection outdoors against moisture and wet conditions.
  • Choose from eight (8) distinctive Pro Glo® colors to meet your company requirements.