Consumer Series Booster Cables

Never be caught with a dead battery!  Pro Glo Booster cables guarantee quick starts and help jump start dead batteries in cars, crossovers, minivans, SUV’s, RV’s and pick-up trucks. 

Our Pro Glo Booster Cables feature tangle free construction, a flexible heavy duty cold weather jacket rated down to -30°F, and triple polarity identification for ease of use.  The ergonomic “Sure Grip” 400 amp direct contact jaws fit both side and top post batteries.

Product Number Length Ft. AWG Size Amps Color Qty Ctn. Lbs Ctn. UPC
D1110616PR 16 6GA 400 Purple 8 49 661899126204
D1110420YL 20 4GA 400 Yellow 6 46 661899126211
D1110225GN 25 2GA 400 Green 4 44 661899126228
D1110130OR 30 1GA 400 Orange 3 56 661899127102