Pro Glo® Cube Tap Extension Cords

Used in most households on small appliances, electronic products and decorative lighting, this is the most popular and common extension cord sold.

Our new Pro Glo colors Blue, Lime Green, Yellow, and Pink offer a new alternative to the old fashioned Brown and White colors sold today.

Soft drawn, annealed, bunch stranded 100% 16 AWG copper conductors offer maximum flexibility and amperage transmission.

(2) two prong “Polarized” plug is a Safety Feature that prevents cross polarity when inserting the blades into available outlets.

A neon lighted triple outlet connector visually lets you know that the power in the circuit is on. No other manufacturer offers this feature.

We mold on a solid transparent clear 3 outlet cube tap connector. Other lesser types use hollow centers that can easily crack under continuous use.

As an Extra Safety Feature, we use child proof sliding safety covers to close all outlets when the outlets are not being used.

Rated for 13A-125V/1625W    UL Listed, cUL approved

Available in 9ft. 16/2 AWG SPT-2

Product Number Ft. A
Cord Color Molded End Color Quantity Per Carton Weight (lbs / Carton) UPC
D12766029 9' 16 13 Pro Glo Yellow Clear 72 29 661899124972
D12766049 9' 16 13 Pro Glo Green Clear 72 29 661899124989
D12766059 9' 16 13 Pro Glo Pink Clear 72 29 661899124996
D12766069 9' 16 13 Pro Glo Blue Clear 72 29 661899125009