Pro Grip® Dual Purpose RV Extension Cord

This is Century’s new patented RV extension cord featuring our molded on dual purpose female connectors at one end and your choice of a molded on RV 30A-125V lighted male plug or a U-Ground 15A-125V male plug at the other end.

The connector side features the standard TT-30 (30A-125V) female connector and the opposite side incorporates the standard NEMA 5-15C (15A-125V) connector. You’ll have the advantage and flexibility to use either configuration as needed without using extra cords or adapters.  This molded on connector features safety covers when the individual connectors are not in use.

We manufacture with soft drawn, annealed 100% bunch stranded 10AWG copper (104X30) in each conductor.

Both insulation and jacket are manufactured with cold weather thermoplastic compound that remains flexible in temperatures well below freezing. (-40F)

Our grounded heavy duty molded on plugs and connectors have special strain reliefs that prevent the ends from pulling away from the cord body.

25ft.10/3 SJTW 300V yellow cord jacket indicates the cord comes with a 15A-125V lighted male plug.
25ft.10/3 STW 600V blue cord jacket indicates the cord comes with a 30A-125V (TT-30) lighted Pro Grip male plug.

Meets OSHA Standards for 3 conductor grounded extension cords

Product Number Ft. AWG Size A
Cord Color Plug Color Connector Color Quantity Per Carton Weight (lbs/carton) UPC
D19023025 25' 10 15 Yellow Clear Black 6 38 661899125726
D19026025 25' 10 30 Blue Clear Black 6 43 661899125733