Pro Grip® Welding Extension Cords

Our heavy duty grounded Pro Grip® Welding Extension Cords (40A-250V) right angle are designed for use with portable welding machines of 400 amps or less. The special STW (600V) jackets are designed to remain flexible and pliable under full load. Our clear NEMA 6-50 plugs and connectors have a built-in neon light to indicate there is power in the cord and outlet. The plug features Century’s convenient heavy duty Pro Grip® handle that helps disconnect the cord from the outlet and folds out of the way when not in use. Type STW (600V) cold weather jacket guarantees the cord not to crack or become brittle in temperatures well below freezing.

Product Number Length Ft. AWG Size Amps Color Qty Ctn. Lbs Ctn. UPC
D13308025 25 8 40 Black 4 48 661899115727
D13308050 50 8 40 Black 2 47 661899117257