Sub Zero® Block Heater Cords

Our Sub Zero Coldweather Cords are designed for use with block heaters, battery blankets and car warmers.  Our cords guarantee quick starts in temperatures below freezing.  Built to excel in the coldest of temperatures, our cords remain flexible and intact.

Available in a super tough, thermoplastic 600V water and oil resistant cold weather red jacket that remains flexible without cracking or becoming brittle in temperatures below freezing (-40° F).

Also available is a heavy duty cold weather TPE 300V blue jacket that is also oil and chemical resistant, and flexible in temperatures down to a sub freezing -58°F. 

Heavy-duty plugs and connectors are molded with large strain reliefs that prevent the ends from pulling away from the body. 

Soft-drawn, annealed, bunch-stranded 100% copper conductors offer maximum flexibility and amperage transmission.

The clear plug features a built-in neon light indicating there is power in the outlet when the cord is plugged in.

Our block heater cords are available in two styles: A Pro Glo red cord with a clear banana tap connector providing three 13A-125V outlets with a built-in neon light indicating; or a Sub Zero blue cord featuring a non-lighted, solid blue banana tap connector.

Color: Pro Glo Red, Sub-Zero Blue

UL and cUL Approved

Product Number Length AWG Size Amps Color Quantity Per Carton Weight (lbs/carton) UPC
D15636003 3m/9.8ft 16/3 13 Lite Blue 36 25 661899115222
D15636005 5m/16.4ft 16/3 13 Lite Blue 24 29 661899128468
D15636008 8m/26.2ft 16/3 13 Lite Blue 12 23 661899128475
D19004461 3m/9.8ft 16/3 13 Pro Glo Red 36 40 661899118391
D19004506 5m/16.4ft 16/3 13 Pro Glo Red 24 38 661899118599
D19005429 8m/26.2ft 16/3 13 Pro Glo Red 12 30 661899125122