Pro Cap™ Multi Outlet Extension Cords

Century’s patented heavy duty Pro Cap™ Extension Cords feature (5) five outlets spaced at 10ft. intervals to provide power along the length of the cord for multiple portable power tool use. Each individual outlet features Pro Cap™ covers that keep out dust, dirt and moisture. These cords will connect with standard extension cords or with other Pro Cap™ cords. Our proprietary design creates a more secure connection when linked with other Pro Cap™ cords by creating suction between the plug and connector. Our cords are manufactured with cold weather insulation and jacketing compounds. As a result, our cords are extra flexible in temperatures well below freezing.

Product Number Length Ft. AWG Size AMPS Color Qty Ctn. Lbs Ctn. UPC
D12420050* 50 12/3 15 White 2 27 661899111606
D12421050* 50 12/3 15 Yellow 2 27 661899111569
D12422050* 50 12/3 15 Black 2 27 661899117592

* Not UL listed, but manufactured to accepted industry standards.