Pro Glo™ LED Worklights

Pro Glo™ makes the brightest and latest in LED lighting technology.  Our  LED portable worklights offer the highest lumens output (3,300), long lamp life (50,000 hours), low power consumption (30 watts), and housing that is lightweight, strong and "cool to the touch".  Provides daylight brightness to a 200 square foot working area.

*Available in single or dual head light types

Product Number W
Lumens Lamp Life (Hrs) Color Cord Length (ft) Cord Gauge Qty per Ctn. Lbs per Ctn. UPC Code
PT523030 30 3300 50,000 Safety Orange 5 18/3 6 47 661899822526
PT523230 60 6600 50,000 Safety Orange 8 18/3 2 37 661899822533