PVC Round MCM Double Insulated Submersible Pump Cable (600V)

Century® round double insulated submersible pump cables are extremely flexible, easy to install and stand up under hard service use down the well where it counts. We use only soft-drawn, rope-lay stranded 100% electrolytic copper for maximum flexibility and amperage transmission. Each conductor is extruded with 600V PVC water resistant insulation, which is drawn tightly into the conductor interstices to prevent moisture seepage between the insulation and the conductor. The conductors are cabled together with special water resistant fillers. Then binder tape is wrapped around to prevent the outer jacket from bonding to the cabled conductors. A heavy duty 600V PVC jacket is pressure extruded overall to form the smooth, concentric, round cable construction. Because of our bunch stranded copper construction our MCM double insulated submersible pump cables are the most flexible on the market and the easiest to set the pump during the initial installation and pull the pump when doing maintenance work.

Product Number Feet Size Copper Const. OD Inches Jacket Color Pack Reel Lbs Reel UPC
35725000SC Any 250 MCM 61x7x0.0242 2.055 Black Reel 3.715 661899427097
35730000SC Any 300 MCM 61x7x0.0265 2.222 Black Reel 4.315 661899427578
35735000SC Any 350 MCM 61x7x0.0286 2.418 Black Reel 5.449 661899427981
35750000SC Any 500 MCM 61x7x0.0342 2.588 Black Reel 6.641 661899428544

* Length is cut to order