Choosing the Right Extension Cord

Choosing the Right Extension Cord

When it comes to picking out extension cords, the general public is inclined to pick the option that offers the best price. While price is understandably a factor one would look at, it is also important to consider other variables such as safety and performance. But who wants to spend their time researching extension cords? Not to worry! We have already done the work for you to ensure you can easily find the best fit.

  1. Pro-Glo Extension Cords
    These cords include lighting which may be beneficial if you plan on using these cords in dark environments such as concerts or evening events. Depending on your needs, these cords range from 15 to 100 feet AND can come in heavy duty or lightweight form.

  2. Basic Extension Cords
    Whether you are a homeowner or contractor looking for extension cords, we would recommend looking into basic extension cords. They are safe, easy to use in the house or office and can be used for a multitude of small appliances. 

  3. Heavy Duty Extension Cords
    Heavy duty extension cords are great for a construction site worker, or that weekend warrior looking to do some extra work around the house. These cords are a good investment if you work with heavy duty equipment like power saws. It is also worth buying these cords if you plan on using them outdoors or in extreme environments, as the coating around the cords is extremely durable and protects against breakage.

  4. Multi-Outlet Extension Cords
    If you need to plug in a number of appliances but have a limited amount of outlets then it would be wise to invest in some multiple outlet extension cords. Like many of our other products, these length of these extension cords vary to fit any needs you may have.

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